If you’ve got an iPhone, it’s likely that you’ve got data stored on iCloud.

Your phone’s apps work with things such as iCloud Photo Library to keep all synced data stored in iCloud. It then keeps everything up-to-date across all devices loggedinto iCloud.

End-to-end encryption is not provided on Apple’s iCloud service.  User’s information is therefore not completely secure.

iCloud Leaks

There have also been a leaks such as the one in August 2014. When a large number of private photos from celebrities that had been synced to iCloud storage were leaked. Apple has since claimed that the celebrities had been victims of phishing scams rather than the leaks being related to vulnerabilities in iCloud.

Nonetheless, when announcing Apple Pay, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced they were tightening up iCloud security – placing a greater prominence on their two-factor authentication process.


Change your password every time

It’s good practice to change your password occasionally. It’s also worth trying to keep your iCloud password unique. That way your iCloud is still safe if another password gets into the wrong hands.

Turn on two-factor authentication

If someone gets hold of your password. Two-factor authentication will require them to add a  code that Apple will send (only to you) via text.

You just need to log into your Apple ID here to set this up. Once you’re in, under the Security header click ‘Get Started’ under TWO-STEP VERIFICATION.

Be aware of when your iCloud is being logged into

Log into www.iCloud.com and under settings, look at ‘My Devices’. Here you can view the devices that are signed into your iCloud account and logout of any that seem suspicious.

You’ll also be emailed when someone logs into your iCloud.

Remove credit and debit cards from Wallet

iCloud will sync your debit and credit cards across any devices that are logged in. This is so that you can use them with Apple Pay or in Safari. You’ll want to remove them from the devices that you no longer have access to but are authenticated with your card.

Card information is stored on any device with an Apple Pay logo next to it. Click ‘Remove All’ under the Apple Pay section of the device to remove it.

Sign out of all browsers

You need to remember to logout if you’re logging into iCloud on a shared computer, such as at work or in a library. Also try to remember not to save any passwords in the browser.

Don’t worry if you forget to logout. Icloud allows you to logout remotely – just log in, got to settings and click on ‘Sign Out Of All Browsers’.