What is a Managed IT Service?

With Managed IT the emphasis is on prevention rather than cure. Don’t wait until the system goes down, let’s try to stop it from going down in the first place. We use technology, typically on your computing devices such as workstations, laptops, servers etc, but also in the cloud or hosted. The difference is that we look after it and maintain it for you. Some people know this as outsourcing or Virtual IT Management.

Our mission is to fix the majority of computer issues remotely within minutes, minimising disruption to your business. With Managed IT, problems are often fixed before you knew that a problem even existed. We remove all the IT headaches for businesses and ensure systems are secure, up to date and efficient.

Keeping your IT services working

We do this by monitoring all software and hardware, scheduling automatic maintenance routines in the background and by automating critical software and security updates. Our alerting system provides an early warning of impending problems so that they can be dealt with in a timely manner and everything stays running smoothly. We manage the day-to-day operation of your IT systems, delivering high quality IT support. It’s like having your own virtual IT Manager working 24 hours a day.

It includes unlimited user support too! Any staff member can ask for help with any IT related issue that they may have through our professional and friendly ticketing system, all included in the price.

Whether you have a single PC, a larger network with PC’s and servers or a number of remote workers, we can help you.

Keeping your IT services simple

We don’t have lots of complicated support and pricing plans, where things are covered in one plan but cost extra in another. We just cover everything in one all-you-can-eat service with unlimited support for a fixed monthly cost, based on the number of computer devices (or staff) that you have.

  • Quick Installation and Configuration
    We will completely take care of the installation and configuration process for you. Our software can be set up in minutes so there is minimal disruption to business.
  • Unlimited User Support
    If you experience a problem with your systems you can contact us via a dedicated user-friendly ticket reporting system – meaning you can report a fault at any time and be kept up to date on progress.
  • Monitoring and support for all desktops and laptops (Windows, Macintosh or Linux)
  • Monitoring, administration and support for servers (Windows)
    We monitor your system 24/7. We will then fix issues during your service hours, in most cases before they even become apparent to the user.
  • Managed Security for all desktops, laptops and servers
    Includes business-grade antivirus software
  • Monitoring and administration of cloud services
    Includes Office 365
  • Proactive maintenance routines
    Such as regular deletion and cleaning of temporary files from PC’s, freeing up disk space and keeping the system running smoothly
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Monitoring and support for network and internet connections
  • Managed Patch Updates
    Ensures Operating Systems are kept up to date as updates are released. We will ensure patches are applied at the right time, without affecting machine usage
  • Performance Reporting
    We can monitor your systems performance and if we see anything acting abnormally we can fix it.
  • Policy Management
    Optionally control access to USB devices and removable media, control desktop settings, etc
  • Software Licence Checking
    As Pirate software continues to spiral and the punishments for non-compliance increase – we will check your machines and the numbers of software licenses you have. This can then be compared against your software purchases so you can prevent any unnecessary action.
  • Hardware Audit Reporting
    Our system will provide audit information as part of the original setup. This enables us to know exactly how your systems are set up so we can provide the best level of support….. and more

As part of our IT support service we will install a secure but small and unobtrusive software agent on to your computers (PCs, laptops or servers), and this monitors and reports back the device’s technical data, including:

  • Anti-virus and threat management data
  • Security
  • Performance data
  • Disk space
  • Backup data
  • Hardware and software configurations
  • Networking information
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