IT Support and Services

ADHOC Support when you need it

Just give us a call when you have a problem …. simple.

Generally, this will involve visiting your office or premises but we can also carry out a remote support session to your computer(s) using our dedicated support tool. This will depend on the task being requested.

On site work is charged at a standard hourly rate of £45 + VAT per hour but we do not charge time to the minute and we generally round down rather than up. If we can do it remotely we may charge a bit less as it’s more efficient for both of us. At the end of the job we ask; does this look reasonable? Our aim is to provide a quality service for a fair price.

  • No monthly commitments or contracts

  • Clear invoicing based on our standard hourly rate

  • No buying blocks of hours

If you’re a sole trader or consultant, or a business with one or two computers, then this is ideally suited. We find that you generally do not want to take on any monthly agreements, you just want someone to call on when you need them. But, if you do want to have your important computer(s) monitored and managed we can arrange that too with our Virtual IT Manager service.

Maybe you just need a helping hand with a certain task or project, or your computer isn’t behaving as it should.

If you would like to know more about our pay-as-you-go IT support service give us a call on 01983 214300 or contact us here