N-Data Ltd

N-Data provides IT support services to SME business customers from the one-person sole trader to larger companies. We are an Isle of Wight based company predominantly serving businesses in our local area but we also have clients further afield in London.

With a wide area of knowledge in all areas of computing and different levels of certifications and partnerships we deliver comprehensive IT solutions with Windows, Macintosh or Linux systems.

Our customers are important and we always go the extra mile to deliver on our promises so we maintain our client base. Our aim has always been to build long-term relationships that are founded on trust and maintain a consistently high level of service and honest advice. Many of our clients have come from word-of-mouth referrals and have been with us for a long time.

Meet Our IT Support Team

Nigel Dimmick MBCS
Nigel Dimmick MBCSDirector
I have been in computing since the abacus and slide rule. Well, okay, let’s say the first computers such as the Sinclair ZX 81 and the Spectrum. Alas, poor Oric – I knew him well. So, I have many years of experience in making computers work.

In 2004 I put this experience to good use and founded N-Data Ltd to provide IT support services to small businesses both locally and further afield. I am a Member of the British Computer Society and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and well versed in supporting all flavours of the Windows desktop and server operating systems.

Vincent Valvona
Vincent ValvonaSoftware Engineer
I am a software engineer with a wealth of experience in the world of IT programming including database systems, Ajax, client-server systems and multi-threaded applications. I have written desktop software and web-based applications, both for delivery to end users and for in-house production test/calibration, as well as Android applications and drivers.

I am also the company expert in Macintosh and Linux systems so if you have any problems, or need any advice with either of those, then I’m your man.

Sarah Dimmick
Sarah DimmickEngineer
I do a lot of the tasks on the IT monitoring system used in our proactive service for business clients. I also monitor and maintain our Social Media sites, developed the website and helped to redesign our company logo.